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Motorcycle Training Courses

T.E.A.M Arizona teaches Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) approved classes near where we live, and they have courses for everyone from the novice who has never touched a motorcycle to the experienced rider who thinks he knows everything. When we raise enough funds, the first thing we will do is send my wife to the Introduction to Motorcycling course. If we raise enough funds, we may just send her straight to the Basic Rider Course (BRC). Since I've been riding for a long time, I will be attending the Experience Rider Course (ERC) in order to brush up on basics, and basically give my riding skills a tune-up.

The Introduction to Motorcycling course is geared toward the pure novice in order to give them a taste of riding without laying out a huge chunk of change. This course will determine if the student has the basic skills needed to be prepared for the BRC. This is a four hour hands on class that is very slow paced with lots of one on one coaching.

The Basic Rider Course (BRC) is the standard class for new motorcyclists. This class is a mixture of classroom sessions, along with actual riding practice. After passing the BRC, the student will be able to obtain an Arizona motorcycle license without taking the state administered driving tests. Passing this course can also lower insurance rates, depends on your provider.

The Ladies Only BRC is offered once per month in a women only format. The classroom sessions will be co-ed, but all riding activity will be women only. This course is good for women who may feel as if they are competing with men in the normal course, or want to take a class with other women just learning how to ride.

The Experienced Rider Course (ERC) is for those riders who have at least 6 months of current riding experience. This course will sharpen your street riding skills, and polish the skills needed to avoid most accidents. Just like the engine on a motorcycle, riding skills need a tune-up in order to keep functioning properly. Many major insurance carriers will provide a discount for students completing this course.

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